Hello from Nevada

I just registered w/ TT today and was wondering if their are any of you from the northern Nevada area. I am in Elko and always ready to ride if anyone lives in the area of passing thru.

I have been condidering a dual sport ride down in Northern NV. Specifically I have found plenty of info on old mining and ghost towns that look like they would be cool to check out. I havent figuired out whether to ride the KTM down or trailer my WR. What kind of info or areas down there do you have to ride check out.

Any info appreciated

Thanks in advance

There are some good trail rides about 70 miles southwest of Elko where you can check out some old mining areas, townsites, old process sites, etc... Some friends of mine have a loop they ride in that area that is alot of fun, varied terrain, mostly trails with alot of wide open high speed stuff to tighter stuff w/ jumps, etc... North of Elko we park at Wildhorse Reservoir and ride to Jarbidge(old mining town with a couple of bars/restaruants) good camping, cool place. The ride to Jarbidge is more of a site seeing ride, it is a county road but there are places to branch of & burn out the carbon. Alot of the rides we go on here are about 70 to 120 miles. I have run into a few guys on eduros on site seeing tours in the hills but if you bring the WR there are good places to letr rip. There is alot of good riding in this area, it is just so damned far between all the good stuff. 3-4 days to get some good riding in and see the cool sites in the area.

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