yz 426f model Question

ok guys i own a 02 yz250f. i kno a guy that is wanted to do a complete trade for my bike. he wanting step down, he has a 426. with a fairly new motor rebiult that has been well maintained. Heres my delimma, it is a 2000 and i do not want an older bike than i already have. so finally my question... did the Yz426f change that much from 2000 to thier final 2002 model?

Also do a good bit of the parts for 450 fit 426?

Not big changes...2000 has SS valves, 01 and 02 have Ti. Not a big performance change, and the SS are more durable. 01 and 02 have a bit better clutch, but the 00 can be retrofit with 01 parts. Other than that, not a lot of difference...

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