Moose Racing 520 RXP chain on 2003 WR450

Does that sound correct? Found no info on this chain via a search.

Go to the Moose online catalog, it's shown there. That is their hi end non oring chain. If you want a non oring chain this will work, 520 is the correct size. However, if you want o ring (which you probably do for long term durability) you want the Moose FP or HPO. I would do a search on motorcycle chain, and find the best deal on o ring or the newer x ring chain in 520 size, Moose probably isn't the best value. Any of the major brands (EK, DID, Regina etc) make a good o/x ring. Stock length for my 08 is 113 links, yours is probably close. Also the stock is riveted not removable master link. Need to use a chain breaker to get the stock one off. You can replace it with the removable master link that will come with your new chain.

The stock chain was a D.I.D o-ring type if thats what you were asking.

Opps, I didn't read closely enough. I thought I was buying an X ring chain.


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