Acerbis 6.6 gal gas tank, not for everyone.

Wow. Talk about an IED. You must run some heavy fork springs with that tank.

I got stock springs .....

and this tank will take some abuse.

I just came back from a trip to big bend, texas and then the concho enduro north of san angelo. In big bend I found myself going where perhaps I really didn't want to be headed to! I just laid her over to scout out the top, nope, nothing over there, time to turn around! while out in the desert, maybe I could have gotten by without the 6.6, but I would have needed to carry more gas somehow anyway. In these parts, you don't want to be stuck for any reason! I did have a minor crash while on "black gap" and there's hardly a scratch from that.


when your gps is dead, and the map is kinda iffy, having plenty of gas is a good thing! I can go without food and water for a bit, but gas, no way!


I didn't need a map or gps to help me find the shiner black lager here.

time to refuel my tank!


Where do you ride? I will plan to buy gas from you when I am miles from my truck and empty.

it might cost you your girl friend! :p

I see you're in utah, that's got to be some fine country to ride in .....

I'll make sure I bring my inflight refueling rig and give you a call .....

Road Trip!! geeze-o-pete!

I wonder if it wouldn't look too bad if it were blue with a few graphichs to "break it up".

Time to let go of the little black and white portable, there bud.

they make this in blue, but then you can't see just how much gas you got in there. graphics? sure for those that need them, would help dress the bike up some.

I guess I missed the thing about the black and white portable, I'm short , so it went over my head ...... if you're referring to the map, the gps died earlier on the trip while still in the jeep. it was the map or nothing. I chose the map ...... made it more of an adventure, but I'm shopping for a new gps.

The first pic of your bike in the garage...

ok, while I'm at it, what is the orange bike in the background?

The first pic of your bike in the garage...

ok, while I'm at it, what is the orange bike in the background?

07 KTM 990 Adventure, :p


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