WR 400 adventure camping gear

I'm prepping my bike to do some camping/dual sport rides this summer. I'm looking for a few things, that maby you can help me with.

I need a BETTER seat!! this thing is like a plastic wrapped brick after 1/2 hour riding!

Also, need some good tank bags, rear "saddle" type bags and fender bags. Looking to be able to carry a tent,sleeping bag, and food, etc and gear for around a week of HARD off road riding and camping for some new Hampshire power line riding.

What kind of rain gear should I look into?


Bike how it is now....


there's a tutorial on how to mod the seat to make it softer- drilling holes. its in the general/body section of the forum. I haven't done it, maybe I should.

sounds like you need a good rear mounted rack you could weld one up or search online i have a bag that is bolted to the rear fender you could do that then tighten down with bungy


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