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Even if the battery is not charged, that does not mean it is bad (although it's not real good for them to get completely discharged). You may have a problem with your trickle charger or a connection. Once again a voltmeter is almost necessary to diagnose this correctly. If you don't have one, find a friend that does and knows how to use it. It will save you a lot of time and probably some money because you won't be buying parts you don't need.

i took my battery out of my 08wr b/c it would not start my bike so i put it on my sons 06 wr and it didn't start his either. the battery in his bike does start his though, whats intresting is that the 06 battery is a 3ah and mine is a 6ah like i said i suck at electrical stuff

You may have a dead cell on that battery. Even if you show 12-13 vdc.

it shows under 13vdc

it shows under 13vdc

I would just buy the Turner 5ah battery and be done with it. The newer batteries have better connection terminals than the one shown in WR Dave's link. Take a foam beer cusie(sp) and rip the bottom out. Fold the cusie and place over battery, the stock strap will now have plenty of tension when strapping the battery. Next to the Turner battery you will have room for a plastic sucrets box to fill with 1st aid stuff. Next to the sucrets box is enough room for a spare spark plug (in the box and wrapped in duct tape). The seat will keep these things from bouncing out.:thumbsup:

+1 on your battery being bad. If it's reading around 12v now, it's got a decent charge, and since it won't crank either bike something's wrong. If you get one of the cool little batteries, let me know how it works, because mine is gong to need replacement soon also.

I got the batteries in today and was suprised, pleasantly for once.

On the website the batteries look really crude. The ones I got look much better and can easily be mounted with some zip-ties.

I'm still fat though.

wr450Oregon-your battery will be going out today, should be there monday/tuesday (sometimes it gets there monday because they move it on the weekend, some times it takes longer cause it doesn't move on the weekend).

Thanks I received the battery Monday and it's in and working ready to ride Saturday.:thumbsup:

so i bought a battery at pepboys today for 27dls. with tax, what do u think. will it work

so i bought a battery at pepboys today for 27dls. with tax, what do u think. will it work

$27 bucks for a battery?? That's waaay cheap and I'd be suprised if it lasted very long. I purchased a cheap, Chinese made battery for my kids bike....and it lasted about a month!! I recently replaced the battery on my 07 WR450 and paid nearly $100!! Talk about a shocker....I wish I would have stopped by here first!

A question about these new batteries....has anyone used them with a rewound stator? I'm running one of these from Baja Designs and an 8" HID and doing some night races.

Just installed my new Turntech 5ah battery in my 03 WR450.

The battery, with the new case, did not drop down into the battery box without some help. I had to remove the stock 1/8" rubber pads from the insides of the compartment. Now the battery wedges down in there nice and tight. Just attached the stock battery retaining strap and it seems nice and tight.

After attaching the wires, I observed that the seat may make contact with the terminals, so I placed some tape over the top for the connections.

Bike started right up and I noticed that the voltage reading at high idle was right about what the battery read before I put it in, 13.3VDC. I'm assuming it didn't read higher, say around 14VDC, because the charging systems senses the battery is fully charged.

So far I'm impressed, but time will tell. It was alot of money to spend on a battery, but I just love that little magic button after all those years of kicking.

Should be plenty of reserve power for cold days, etc.


Wow!!! this battery works perfectly in my 2008 WR450F. The Turn Tec battery it starts my bike every time with the magic button. That was not the Case with my stock battery, I "always" had to kick start the bike. The Magic button would not start the bike. Great product. and worth the money.

Now I need to get it one for my DRZ and ATV. Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping also.



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