Foresthill Ride this Monday

Hi Northern Cal TT'ers,

I will be riding Foresthill Sunday afternoon (4:00pm or so) - after setting up camp. And all day Monday.

I will be camping out of Morning Star. If anyone is interesed we can meet up at Sugarpine and/or Parker Flat. I will be leaving Sunday morning at 1pm or so and should arrive by 3:00pm. You can PM me if interested.

See this trail map :

You may need Adobe Acrobat reader to see map above. You can download here:

For directions see :

Hope to see you there for some nice single track. If you never have been there you owe it to yourself to check it out!


I did not read this post in time, however, I am looking to try Forest hill for the first time. PM me with any future dates I would love to ride with someone who has been there before. What can I expect as far as conditions, terain, additional gear? Do I need to be at a certain db level? I run the stock sparky uncorked, 02 wr 426, any idea what db I am at?

ForestHill was a fun place to ride FryBoy. I'm glad I made it up there and found you. Thanks for the invite and Camp Hospitality. I hope to catch you there again. My family really enjoyed your company. What a nice WR426 you have, it really moves out. Gave my Yamaha 82 XT550 a workout. Thanks again!!

Hey Tripod,

Too bad you didn't get the invite in time ! Once again I hardly saw a soul. It was, however, fantastic! I just tested my new Stabilizer and it worked great. I am going back up there this Sunday night and will be there until Friday Morning.

I would really like to meet you and go for a ride anytime. If you are unable to make it this Sunday-Thursday we can arrange another time. I work Tues - Saturday leaving me Sunday and Monday to ride.

The terrain is slow tight single track - typical 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear stuff. Red dirt galore! There are plenty of gravel/dirt roads that go up and down the canyons, in which you can open her up or take kids for easy ride. There are a bunch of street crossings and I have found 4 or 5 stream crossing too. (nothing deep only about 4-5 inches) I always wanted to ride across a stream since a young boy. Makes a nice place to stop and take a break. One of the streams was dry but I bet in spring they are flowin)

All the trails go in loops so you really can't get lost. Occasionally you will get disorientated but that is the fun of trail riding. Going in and exploring new and remote places. Lukily you aren't too remote if ya know what I mean.

There are decent loops that will let you rip it up. I came across a trail that seemed like it hadn't been explored in years. A lot of tree tunnels. I had to weave in and out of the branches which reached across the path.

The camp ground I stayed at has a nice lake stocked with trout and swimming beaches to entertain wife/girlfriend and children. If only my son would give me a reason to buy him a bike. (talkin the misses into it anyway)

I really enjoy the place. It would be a good place to take the kids camping, fishing, and riding.

As far as the DB level of your uncorked pipe. I have ridin there a total of 4 days and have yet to see a ranger and/or been tested. Fellow thumpertalker CISCO lives in the area and says they are only checking for spark arrestors and current registration. They may sound test you but they will do so as courtesy. (don't quote me on that) This trip, I rode with my pipe uncorked and air box lid removed with no issues. Talk about performance increase. I was really sound conscious when adjacent to or around the camp ground.

Off Road and On Road Crazy,

It was great having you and your family come and ride even if it was for a couple of hours. (good thing it was getting dark as I was tired from my earlier ride)

I really enjoyed seeing your son enjoy his brand new XR100 and learning how to start and shift that thumper. It really inspired me to get my son involved too.

I enjoyed talking with your wife and children. Your daughter is so cute.

I couldn't believe the way you rode those gravel roads on that dinosaur of yours. That XT550 kicks ass and you used those drum brakes pretty well too. It would be interesting to do a short drag race to see how each of these thumpers compare. That twenty year old technology has a lot to do with how great our new Yami's are today. I was impressed with that bike and your riding ability.

It will be fun to do it again sometime when are schedules allow for full days for ridin.


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