Colored Spokes

Does anyone know where to buy colored spokes at? I am looking to powder coat my wheels and hub black and buy some colored spokes but I cant seem to find any. Does anyone know where I can find pictures of what that would look like or Red wheels and hubs with black spokes.

Not sure if you can, but the cheapest way is to buy colored drinking straws split them an scotch tape them on your stock spokes.

I'm going to try the shrink wrap method with spoke savers, if you use heavy duty stuff i think it will hold up better then the powder coating, plus its way cheaper!

please post a picture when completed !!!

ya i ride for that guy. but there was an oven issue when i approached him with the spoke idea. he doing my whole motor black and red so ill post pictures of the bike completely done.

pro wheel sells colored spokes and nipples

Don't know if you heard... We don't say "colored" anymore. Un-p.c.

Don't know if you heard... We don't say "colored" anymore. Un-p.c.



It's getting so crazy with the amount of things people can say now days!

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