First time checking valve clearance

Well I've got 23 hrs. on my 07 yzf450. I just finished my winter maintainance and went to check the valve clearance. This is my first four stroke and have never done this before. I did buy a good tapered feeler gauge to use. The intakes checked out. When checking the exhaust I did the outside one first and found it to be in spec but I had a hell of a tme getting the feller gauge in the middle one. At first I thought the vave was tighter than the other one until I really arced the feeler gauge as I slid it in. In that particular spot on the head, behind that valve, there seems to be a part of the casting that gets in the way and requires a sharp angle to be put on the feeler guage thus creating the illusion of more drag and friction than what's actually there.

After fighting with it for a bit, it checked out as well.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same difficulty.

i just checket my valves for the first time, couple weeks ago, and yes same problem with middle valve.

There is no middle exhaust valve. Which one are you talking about?

There is no middle exhaust valve. Which one are you talking about?

Sorry for the poor description .The one near the timing gear end of the cam. If you're sitting on the bike facing forward it would be the left one.

Yes i know what your sayin. it can be a pain. i usaully take the feelers i need out of the feeler gauge and bend them leaving a nice curve on the end. seems to work pretty good

It does make me feel better knowing it's not just me.

I will never check my valves again!!! I was attempting to put my valve cover back on and now have it so wedged between th timing chain and the frame I'm sure I'll never get it back together! :lol::)

O.K. I over reacted, I'll check them again.

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