Quoted price on a WR450

For those of you who have ordered a WR 450, what kind of deal are you getting (please post if it is pre tax or out the door etc...? My dealer says I can have one around September if I put a deposit down. I want the best deal possible before the money goes down.

I was going to buy but changed my mind. I was quoted $6,450 OTD

I live in Albany, N.Y. and just recently shopped around for the 2003 WR450F and the best price was $5999.00 at Troy City Garage, I had to put $300.00 down and it is going to be in around Nov./ Dec. Tried to talk the dealer down but no go, they know the next guy will just pay full plus its a 2003. SO in the end after freight, prep and tax it was $6667.92.

I was quoted $6,299.00. Out the door price will be around $6,650.00. I think it will be worth it.

Any dealer that charges you a prep or setup fee is ripping you off!!The factory's pay the dealers for doing this,alot of dealers get away with doing this because most people don't know any better.I know of a certain suzuki dealer in my area that not only does this but also sell's the extended warranty that is supposed to be around $400 for $1000.Keep this in mind when you're trying to make a deal on the bike.

I here you I researched and asked around on the best way to get a deal, but did not know about the prep charge and freight charge. When I did find out it was too late I was signing the the bottom line. Now I know this was my first bike new, next time I will be better prepared and at least talk the dealers out of charging that, especially if the factories pay them to do that anyway. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for your help. This gives me a place to start.

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