Row #1 for AdelantoGP

Does anyone know how many riders are on a row? I'm #010v on row #1 for the Over 30 Novice Class! My friend is on row 7! Just trying to find out how many per row???

Hey Dan L , what's the scoop!

When i raced there it seemed to be 10-15 bikes per row.


Hey Dan L , what's the scoop!

Last year I think there were at least 8-10 guys per row, and they let you go by waves of two rows (dead engine start). It's just a big mess at the start.. After the start we can look forward to that sharp right hand turn into a big dust bowl for a couple of miles of a whooped out road. :D Oh, joy!!!!!

Last year I lined up next to Shane Esposito and got totally blown out :)

Should be a hoot!


Sounds like fun!!!! :)

20 bikes per row!!!!!

I emailed Desert Vipers this week, its too late for me to pre-enter so I'll have to register there & fight the masses. I may ride one of 2 classes, over 30 novice, 4 stroke unl. & maybe the team race on Sunday. Were riding Ocotillo wells this weekend for practice / fun. Maybe we can hookup, I do run the TT front fender stickers. PM me if ya wanna hookup

I'm heading out friday morning, you might want to get there friday and go to registration , they open at 5:30. There are also a couple of guys from that are racing and camping out. I'm trying to get a spot near the mx section. I'm heading out to Cal-city this weekend, there's a poker run also,should be "EPIC"!!! Ran the CRC Gp last weekend for a warm-up , i think i came in 2nd? Let me know if you are heading out on friday. Later Mike

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