Stranger Needs XR Jetting

As you can see from my signature I ride a DRZ400 but I'm helping a buddy out with his 1991 XR600. It is bone stock and lethargic. Since he is not technical I told him I'd open the airbox up, add a pipe and re-jet it for him.

I have the White Brothers Pro-Meg pipe picked out and I was wondering if anyone here has the jetting recipe that will work best for riding at 0'-4500'. I searched the archives but couldn't find a combo for this pipe and altitude.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks. I called Baja Designs and they set me up with the 68 Pilot and a seemingly huge 165 main. Is that Main too big for this bike? The Scott Summers site says to use a 155. Who should I go with on this?

I would think the 165 would be too rich. I would try both a 155 and a 158 and see which one works best for you. They should be pretty close to what you need. As for the pilot jet, a 65 or 68 should be about right.

Does anyone have a diagram or link to a diagram of this carburetor? I would appreciate it big time!

Go to and create a free account. You'll be able to view complete diagrams of your bike including a breakdown of your carb.

You can also find the parts microfilm...just like the ones they use at the local Honda shop at

I run a 70 pilot with 158 main, needle in center position and 2 and 1/4 turns out with Uni filter,airbox opened up and stock exhaust with no engine mods. Over 4000' elevation I switch to a 155 main. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone. You red guys are alright! :)

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