O5 WR Analog Speedo

When I bought my 05 WR450....I thought cool! an analog odo. Old school guys love analog. I mean a scratchy Neil Young LP sounds so pure compared to a digital cd. Anyway I wanted to find a Speedo/ODO that would stay within the dimensions of the stock ODO and preferably say 'Yamaha' on the lens for that OEM look.

Old timers might remember the mid 80s Yamaha TY350, it was a nice trails bike with the speedo mounted half way up the forks. Most importantly it had a 21 inch front wheel. Bought one on e-bay for $50, hoping it would work with my oem cable...it did. I took the ODO mount, flipped it over..did a little reaming to accommodate the TY Speedo. Used rubber washers from the ODO for mounting and less vibration.

I have no slack in the OEM cable when forks are fully extended, but it works and is accurate. Just thought I'd share:ride:



Nice! 0-80 on the dial is all you need anyway. Baja Designs is 0-160, too many numbers.

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