2000 wr 400 shifting problems

Last time out riding my bike would not shift from 2nd to 3rd. I usually dont shift w/ the clutch--pulled the clutch in still would not shift. I down-shifted to 1st gear and tryed it again and it was fine. I did this 3 more times throughout the day between 2nd and 3rd. Fluid level is fine. Any ideas about what the problem might be??

Is the problem that the shifter moves, and feels as if it has shifted, but 3rd does not engage, or is it that the shifter moves, but does not feel as if it is moving anything, or, is it that the shifter can't be moved up from 2nd?

The shifter cannot be moved it feels stuck only when pulling up.It feels fine when down shifting.

Something is preventing the shift cam from rotating into the next position. There can be a number of causes for this. You may be able to find and fix the cause by opening the right side and removing the clutch to observe the operation of the mechanism. If you can see no reason for it, the cause may be a damaged shift fork, shaft, or other internal trans problem that would require splitting the cases.

If it is the shift cam, it's an easy fix:

just look for damage to this part (in behind the gears) and replace if required. The 2T YZ's seemed to have issues with the bearing type.

My kid smoked the one on his Kawi and it would interfere ocasionally stopping him from shifting.


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