What grade of fuel are you guyz running. I see alot of topics on jetting and performance after the grey wire mod. Just wondering because I have had similar sounding reactions with throttle response from idle and mid range flat spot(way small) and a bit of popping on light deceleration and changed fuels and get different reactions. Makes me leary to do mods sometimes when I get reactions from diff brands of fuel. All pump gas. Maybe we just have really crappy gas in Elko, better not be for what we have to pay for it.

Thanks. :)

[ July 28, 2002: Message edited by: jonesy1 ]

Your from Elko?

You dont happent to have a extra ride in your garage by chance do you? :):D

I think I can get a flight out of Springfield, MO to Elko, NV for $75 round trip. I see it advertised in the paper all the time.

Just let me know. :D:D LOL

Jonsey, Don't let this guy come out to visit. He'll eat all of your food and beat up all the bike you have. The Milkman is crazy!!! (and famous too). :)

Im planning on riding in the Austin,Ely,Tonopah areas in September. Maybe we could swing up to Elko for some crappy fuel. Oh, try the Nevada 1000 link again, thanks for the heads up last night, I wouln't have known.


i almost sure when you buy the bike new on the front fender, theres a sticker that says, use premieum feul only, i use ammaco 93 or sunoco 94

I knew about using premium fuel but the highest octane available in Elko is 91. I think I read somewhere that is said to use 95 or 97? Does that sound right? I saw on a diff message board that someone was mixing half aviation gas & half pump gas, is this advisable or should I keep running crappy Elko pump gas.

Hey Milkman I'll let you rip on the OL' KE100 you'll love her!!!LOL

Hell, I dont care. Il ride anything as long as I can ride out in Nevada again.

I flew out in 98 and rode with the Nevada Motorcycle Adventures guided tour. Jonsey, I guarantee it wouldnt be any worse riding the KE100 than it would the Dr350's we rode. It was the most fun I have ever had and you guys have some awesome scenery out there.

Wow Dan, you siad that like you have known me your whole life. :) That sounds exactly like something one of my riding buds would say.

Hey milkman, we are working on some cool new trails to ride, single track stuff. The 'ol KE100 is like kinda like ridin a moped, kinda fun 'till somebody sees you on it.lol I have to do some work on her though. The wife dumped it on a steep downhill in the middle of a rock garden. Beet her up a bit but not to much blood, scared the sh*t out of me. we were about 15-20 miles out, I bent the handlebars back as straight as I could and she jumped right back on and headed out, I think I would of laid there and licked my wounds for a while.lol A fellow WR rider here in NV rode that KE100 once and crashed it twice in about 5 miles(funny as hell) and swore that he would never get on it again, lmao, he said that if you can master the 'ol KE you could ride supercross w/ the pros. I don't know what it is but that bike is awkward to ride, I think its been crashed 10-20 to many times in its 22 years of service,lol. My 10 year old seems to do good on it though.

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