Alternative tanks?

G'day. Has anyone tried using a fuel tank from a 98-00 yz125 or 250 (two stroke) on their Wrs? Do they fit? Might be an alternative to an expensive new item.


I have a 2000 YZ250 and will have time to check by Thursday evening and will get back to you then if someone doesnt post before. The 250 tank holds less doesnt it? TIM

Yes 7.5 litres as opposed to 12.5 in the Clarke tank I currently use. Thanks for the help.


Hi: First let me qualify by saying I have a 2000 YZ250 2 stroke and the 2003 WR 450 and the tanks arent even close. Sorry dude. Had a flat so I didnt get to ride as long as I hoped and checked it a day early. Tim

did the clark tank make a noticable difference on the handling of the bike. I'm looking into buying clark or IMS?

If you have got the stock "fat" tank then it will make a big difference. It is nice and narrow and gets you foward but in my opinion not foward enough. Plus the seat is a bit of a ski jump. Not that you should be sitting down of course. But from the Clarke tank I am getting a fuel range of 150km's. I just want something smaller and flater. If you want more info do a search. There is plenty of discusion on the Clark.


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