2008 Ktm 450 sx-f timing is off. help please.....

I have 2008 450 sxf : I am trying to figure out how to make correctly timing on my bike.I change piston on my KTM and now doesn't want to start.Engine turns over and some time flashing short blue fire from exhaust .....:)

You should not be inside that engine without the shop manual!! And can not assemble without the KTM cam indexing tool, then;

Crank needs to be rotated so piston is at TDC, crank needs to be indexed there.

You need to do a leak down test to see if you bent valves turning it over with cams out of time, if it leaks replace valves, if not proceed

Cams need to come out, the bolts that hold the gears on removed, gears pressed off, then put back on loose!

Reassemble, install the cam indexing tool

then tighten the bolts that hold the cams

PM me your private e-mail and i´ll hook you up.:lol:

This engine is timed by setting the relationship if the piston at TDC to flats machined onto the cams. It is the easiest motor to time ever. It does not have anything to do with marks on/or position of the chain gears. It can be done with out the KTM timing tool.

If you do not understand the cam/head assembly, take it to your KTM tech.

If you do not have the timing tool, set the motor to TDC and use the screw to lock it. You will need a thin perfect straight edge such as a machinist scale. Place the straight edge across the cam flats and assemble the timing chain and gears. The KTM tool holds the head in time with the block. The flats must stay perfect under the straight edge. If you did not remove the cam gears, the gears will align on the chain exactly as it was before you disassembled the motor.

You should inspect your valves and make sure you did not bend anything on your previous assembly.

If this does not make sense, Take it to a KTM tech.:lol: !


Thing is, the cams will always move a bit when you torque the gear bolts. I ended up making my own cam indexing tool from 1/4" steel. You cut two pieces and drill them out to fit onto the cam yoke bolts. What you basically do is to bolt on a straightedge to fit over the flats on the cams and prevent them from moving.

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