Rekluse left hand rear brake and 2 finger clutch - longer clutch cable needed?

I just tried to install my left hand rear brake and 2 finger clutch. It appears that I need a longer clutch cable to put the clutch in a decent location on the bars. Any one else run into this?

Who can I order a custom cable from?

Worse than that, the Baja Designs switch assembly seriously interferes with the new brake/clutch levers... Not sure what I'll do about this one.

Switch Assembly

Hey Davidwaters - Please let me know what you did or attempt to do with your set up. I just ordered the exact same rekluse products that you have and I also have the baja set up you have. (2006 wr - same also)

I was thinking about using a smaller switch assembly - with only horn, high/low and a start button.?? I might bail on the blinkers - don't need to maintain street plate in Michigan. I saw a smaller assembly on "sicass racing's ' website earlier today that may work... Let me know what happens - I'll do the same. THANKS!

What I did was down cut the Renthal pad between the bars and mounted the baja designs switch on the left side with some rubber between the small bar and the switch. Then the rekluse stuff fit just fine--although the clutch cable is still a little shorter than I'd like it.

Rekluse sells a longer cable for the wr450 that is made by motion pro. It is a really nice cable with a metal coiled shield to protect the cable from melting in case it touches the pipe, etc.. I have the highest handlebars available, and this cable is long enough. Give Rekluse a call.

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