Why is my 426 puking gas?

It sat for the winter. I took it out today and as soon as I turned on the fuel valve the gas ran right out on the ground. Is the float stuck? Is there a quick fix? Or do I have to rebuild the carburator? It did this a couple times last year, but seemed to fix itself.

Thanks in advance

Gently tap on the side of the float bowl with the handle of a hammer, and see if the needle jet or float comes loose. Probably won't. You will just need to remove the float bowl, remove the float pin, remove the float, then the float needle, which will be worn out. Turn your gas off and drain the floatbowl next time.

There is also an O-Ring that goes around the float needle seat. They tend to fail on the YZFs and WRs, so even if the float is closed, the O-ring lets gas bypass and overflow the bowl. Unfortunately, you can't get just the O-Ring from Yamaha...you have to buy the whole needle and seat (I'm waiting for one right now...)

OK thanks everyone. Looks like I have little project ahead of me.

i just did this and the hardest part is getting the freakin carb off the bike!!! hell....that and getting it back on (........stupid throttle cable ferrules...) took twice as long as the dismantle and cleaning of the carb itself!

anyway, once i got it off, just open up the bottom and it is surprisingly easy to take apart, clean and put back together.....as long as you don't get into any of the jets and screw settings.

in my case, i has a small piece of plastic from a gas cap that came apart that got in between the needle and the hole it occupies so's it wouldn't seat and seal.

the top of the needle is rubber and it can wear out and get a notch in it, which would then need to be replaced.

in my case, it had a little scum on it and a nice soft cloth, carb cleaner and some LIGHT scraping with a fingernail got it nice and clean and smooth. make sure you clean all around in there with cleaner as well as the little pivot pin for the float.

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