graphic's help

I redid wife's bike a couple of years ago. She has ridden maybe twice since. Graphics still look good but starting to peel ( on gas tank). I have used superglue in the past but it does not work that great. Would something like gorilla glue work better? She rode this weekend and had a blast, so I have to get it ready. thanks for the help.

Contact cement seems to hold up well if done right.

Peel the graphic back to uncover all dirty glue, I usually just use my finger to rub it off the graphic and panel, using a small brush, I apply a thin coat on both the graphic and plastic (go beyond the edges). Let it dry for at least 5-10 minutes, then stick the graphic back down and press it on really hard.

You can use your finger to rub along the plastic following the edge of the graphic to remove the extra glue.

If you use too much glue you will get bumps and such under the graphic.

I've reattached a bunch of loose corners half way through last race season on my son's bike - they are still holding today.

I think that spray on contact cement would also work but might be even messier than doing it with a brush.

I have use 3M spray glue called "super 77" and it worked great.

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