Scott Summers is flying our flag - (BRP)

Hope he can make a come back. Reading articles and seeing pics of him years ago is one of the reasons I bought my 95 XR600 even though many people told me 600's suck.

00 XR650 uncorked, Triple clamps w/pro tapers, IMS 4.6

01 CR250

95 XR600 Baja designs kit, stator rewound 200watts, FMF IV, porting/polish, renthals. (sold)

95 KX500

Scott Summers is an amazing animal of a man. He is by far the fastest woods XR-600 pilot ever. If he makes a serious effort at a come back watch out for him in the GNCC series. Could make things interesting.

The main reason our beloved Pig evolved the way she did is because of Scott Summers. I can just see him sitting with designers and engineers at Honda, and they are listening to him very carefully. All the fans of the 600 and 650R & L bikes owe him a big thank you.

I was at the Mid South harescramble he won 2 weeks ago, when he laped me he passes me so fast I almost missed him. My DAD watched him go by the pits several times and said his riding style looked efortless, like he was going slow, but he beat everybody.

Twin I was there too but I was watchin.I had the flu and shouldn't have even been there but I came to help out a bud.Scott can get the bars of 650 about 2 foot off the ground on flat ground doin S corners, he was doin this up at the start to warm up.It was very cool to see him there because I alway thought of the Mid south series just to be a little local thing.I watched the start then went down to the mud hole and I watched him make 3 laps through there and I watched a poor guy get knocked out when he crashed down at the far end of the mud hole.Then I went back to the truck and went to sleep, I really didn't feel good.There was no way I could have raced that race.

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