Daft OiL Question

I have a WR400 1999 model and iv'e had the oil changed at a garage and they put loads too much in. I first noticed when it wouldn't rev out correctly on top end and it wasn't as quick to get up to speed.

I checked the oil it was about 3" above the top mark on the dipstick. I have drained the oil out to the right level and its still not reving right or am i imagining it, could this of damaged my bike ?????

I think probably the only harm to come from overfilling would be the pump actually pushing oil into the valve cover via the reservoir vent tube. The result would be more oil in the cases than should be there, which I’m sure could and would reduce rpms by interfering with the crank.

I think this is in the manual, but you must run the bike for a bit before you check the level, although NOT doing so would give a reading that is too low, not too high. Perhaps the shop made this error, if so, well let’s just say you should find a new mechanic.

Changing it yourself is an option you should consider. I haven’t so much as glanced at my dip stick in over a year, after every change I just measure out (roughly) 1.7 litres to refill with. I clean or replace the filter with every change, It doesn’t make any sense to me to do otherwise, but you will need a little less oil if the filter cover is left on.

Changing the oil in these bikes is a bit confusing if your not used to it. If you rely on the dipstick then you MUST warm the engine up before taking a reading.

To change your oil without relying in the dipstick, you need to know how much oil to put in and measure it as accurately as practical. I use a "Ratio Right" (the thing you used to use when mixing pre-mix for your two-stroke) to measure oil in cubic centimeters.

For a 2000 WR400F, the oil volumes are as follows:

Total quantity: 1.80 US quarts or 1704 cubic centimeters (1703.44)

Periodic oil change: 1.59 US quarts or 1505 cubic centimeters (1504.70)

With oil filter replacement: 1.69 US quarts or 1600 cubic centimeters (1599.34)

Please check your manual if your year is different before using these numbers. Also use the dip stick for the first couple of times you try this method just to verify the oil volume. Remember, you have to get the engine up to operating temperature before checking the dipstick or you will be reading no oil on the dipstick and end up overfilling your baby.

I warm the thing up real good before draining the old oil, measure per the above, pour it in and don't worry about it. Works perfectly every time and it's super easy. You should do your own oil changes so your not relying on someone you even don't know to do one of the most important maintenance procedures.

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