WR450F Radiator guards coming soon

Got an Email from Flat Land Racing about Rad guards for the 03 WR450F and here is what they said.


We are currently working on them and hope to have them within the next week

or two! The part # will be 12-21, Would you like for me to contact you when

they are complete? Please let me know and Thank you for your interest in

Flatland Racing products!

Alan Rees

Flatland Racing - Sales

Cool....thanks mate :)

that's almost the exact e-mail i got from them too.

Ditto on the email! I have a brand new set for my 426 and they offered to exchange them for me. How cool. They have been great to deal with. They seem like real great guys. There stuff will be on my bike from here on out. ----Mike

I put my devols on two weeks ago. All I did was order them for the 426 and they bolted right on.

just curious mike.....is there suppose to be a pic there of the new lil' guy ? :)

XR600, It is supposed to show up in my avatar. It must not show except to me. I will have to try again! ---Mike

Looks like the WR450 will definately need em. The air wings look like sapling grabbers and I am trying to figure out how to redesign them to fend off small trees - not grab em and pull em in... It's a great bike..

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