New WR450F 08 picked her up today

Hi guys

Just picked up the new bike today. To keep my YZ450F 05 and my Mrs TTR230 07 company in the Garage. In New Zealand these bikes are $16,028 with a YZ450F 09 exhaust system. Paid $11.995 as a run out special. This is probaly expensive to u guys. But hey u cant take it with you. 48Yrs old and loving riding bikes again.



Good pickup mate , im about your age too and love my 07 .Oh except for the seat, otherwise , do the free mods, I ended, up getting a jd jet kit Yammi kit was too rich, gytr end piece, barkbusters egos after the stockers snapped ,reroute a couple of carb breather hoses to the air box, put the crank breather in the airbox and i havent looked back. Change your oil heaps while its still new and being run in, then regularly and be on top of your air filters and its all good.Enjoy!

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