2010 spy photo ?

All I know is if to 2010 Yamaha is all new I will be buying a 2011 after they have fixed everything!

I've only owned Yami's due to that it was the only bike I could get comfortable on... But the weird thing is..I've never been able to go fast on it. It feels comfortable, but just not right. I wish I could figure it out. Maybe it's time to move around and find "the" bike???? who know's :lol:

I understand completely. I actually won more races on my Kawasaki's.... but I was younger and had more energy then too. The KTM I had was the best jumping bike I've had, you could hit any jump as hard (or as soft) as you wanted and the thing would stay completely straight and true, but it wouldn't corner for crap. My YZF does everything really good, but nothing really great. I guess they all have there good and bad points....


I dont know how you ride but do you think the key to be faster is only about the bike?

They say its 10% bike and 90% rider, and I agree.... if your a pro. Different bikes inspire different levels of confidence for us mortals. For most of us, the bike can make all the difference in the world.

I find it much easier to be a historian than to forecast anything.

I prefer meteorologist, they make all kinds of predictions, are wrong most of the time, and still get nice paychecks.:lol:

I knew you were going to say that gray and I know a racer that has re-programed his Kawi with good results. The power is still, how can I say this, I guess uneventful. This may proove to be ok in the long run but like I said fuel injection is not a make or break deal for me. After riding these other bikes I would rather be on my Yamaha with a carb.
On the other hand, the power of the R1 or R6 anything but uneventful.

Either way, my point is actually closer to yours than you think. That is, too much is made of the contribution made to performance by EFI. It gets too much credit, and too much blame, both. It can be tuned virtually any way you like, but the fuel map has to be right. What EFI unquestionably should do if it's set up right is eliminate throttle response issues, bogging, hard starting at any temperature, and flooding. But manufacturers are going to have to suck it up and use a system that employs a fair level of sophistication in order to accomplish that completely.

Regardless, I would also not make EFI the focal point of a new purchase decision as it is.

I am sure the "Doctor" Doug Dubach has the inside poop on the 2010........

I just hope the exhaust dept at yamaha gets retooled. :lol:

Havent seen one, but the rumors are true. It's all new for 2010. Why drop 9k on an 09, when you can get the new one for the same price. Yamaha makes quality equipment, so i wouldnt worry about an all new model having any major problems.

I hope the rumors are true! I wonder if both the 450 and 250 will be different.

I heard that the 250f will recieve very little changes because all of yamahas R&D is going into the 450f. Its kind of a bummer because the yamaha 250f should really be on top of the 250f heap.

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