Shock fitment

Hey everyone I found a shock for a 05 yz450 wondering if it would fit onto my 03 without much work. If not what would need to be changed modified/convinced to make it fit? Thanks alot also interested in knowing what it takes to fit 48mm forks to the front from the various years newer years. Thanks a ton in advance.


The shock should simply bolt on.

The '04 YZ450 48mm forks will also bolt on, but of course, you have to use the complete fork with triple clamps. It's an improvement, but not earth shaking.

The '05 fork will also drop straight on as a complete set. These are a significant upgrade, and can be the equal of any '06 or later fork with a little work.

The '06/'07 fork can be fit, too, but it's a bit more work.

So the forks to look for would be off of a '05 then. Thanks alot Gray your really pretty amazing with this stuff. I noticed by looking at your profile that you were born may 13th. Same as me kinda neat:cheers: The shock im considering buying is a new ohlins shock with a spring for my wieght. You think it would be worth buying? Or would I be better of working with the stock shock. I weigh about 215.

Thanks a bunch

The Kayaba shock is an excellent piece of equipment, and from what I've seen, it can be as good as anything available at any price. I'm not that familiar with the Ohlins, but I really don't think they're worth the cost compared to the newer KYB units.

Well depending on how much I can get it for I think im interested in it. id get the correct spring rate out of the deal and have the shock to sell to try and recoup some money. And its a fresh unit instead of my 6 year old shock so it seems to me to be worth it depending on the price.

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