Wider WR seat, opinions please

I have sent my seat off for a new foam & seat cover.

After given the option of a tall or standard foam he has now asked me if I want it more comfty then make it wider :) by adding half or quarter inch each side ? also the foam that is being fitted is to suit my weight to !

I have kept the seat at standard height because even though I am tall i only have a 30 inch inside leg ,but to be honest the lowered seat that was orginally on the bike was a good height but killed my @rse because there was lack of foam.

So folks i am asking your opinion......... go wide or will it look to out of place ?or Keep it standard width & be thankfull I have more padding under my @rse than before.

Wider seats are typically found on dualsports, if you sit down all the time a wider seat will aid in preventing monkey butt... if you don't dual sport and stand while riding for the most part, I would keep the standard width.

Wider seats cause more chafing, which is worse than ass pain. You need to change the durometer of the foam, so it is softer. Make the seat 1-1.5" taller, but use softer foam, and you will have what you need.

We ride here in baja for 4-6 days.The only thing that works for long riding,(you cant stand on the pegs for 6 days) Cut the foam sides off a xr seat glued it to the wr seat now in the back 7 inches.Works perfect have used the other seats ,good for another hour but thats about it.

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