I hit a tree yesterday and bent my left rad pretty badly. I have a 98 WR400, what other years/model radiator will fit on my WR? Is there any fixing one of these rads?

Do a search here for radiators. There are several places that repair, Fontana Radiator in Fontana, Ca. Shirley Design in Huntington Beach, Ca. And an outfit in Utah, I believe. Your search will turn up addresses, etc.


i have 2002 yz250f radiators on my 98 wr400.i had to modify edge mounting plates where shroud bolts on.i also had to cut off part of plate to fit devol guards.

Who provides rad guards for 98 models ? I'm looking for the kind that envelops the rad at the top bottom front & side.....mine are beginning to look decidedly 'bowed'.

Flatland and Devol both make guards for the 98...same guard as the 99.

Here is the DEVOL model on my WR


And the Flatland Racing on my YZ


The only difference between the two is that the Rear brace is welded on the Flatland and Bolted on the Devol. I think one is just as good as the other...Crashed them both, and both have held up just fine.

Bonzai :)

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