Chain Help

Got over 300 hrs from a DID erv3. Very happy with the DID. Why are you using the narrow version? Don't need to

The Regina ORN6 O-ring chain weighs 3.4 ounces more per hundred links than the equivalent Regina RS3 non-sealed chain.

As far as drag goes, the only time that the seals create any friction is while they pivot. This occurs only as the chain rolls on or off the sprockets except for minor contact with rollers and whatnot, and as such it involves only 8 seals at any one time. I tend to discount it as a factor of any kind, especially with a bike with the kind of power surplus a 450 tends to have.

BTW, a very common reason that chains break is that they are run too tight, and they simply get overloaded by the suspension swinging over center. Set the tension by the book.

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