First of all I am a newbie at THUMPER TALK. This is the web site I have been looking for. I have rode 2-strokes my whole life, but I have decide to get in with the new technology and try a 4-stroke. Couple of my friends ride orange, but I am going to mix it up and get blue one. I have a WR 450 on order, it should be here this month sometime. All you WR 4-stroke owners give me some feed back and let me know if this is going to be the bike. I am from Utah and mostly ride the desert. Is this going to smoke the orange bikes? Thanks :)

Is this going to smoke the orange bikes?

It's the rider not the bike that makes the difference.

Don't expect to holeshot a 520SX at your local MX track.

The WR's gearing is great, but I find myself looking for a 6th sometimes.

Fill out the TT info and you won't be quite such a Newbie.

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