YZ450F rear wheel weight?

Can anyone tell me the rear wheel weight of a late YZ450F? I weighed the back wheel on my 07 WR450F and it weighs 13.1 kilos or 29 pounds!! Thats alot of weight. I have a spare 19' wheel with not tyre and I might get a tyre and use it if theres a bit weight difference. My wheel has a steel sproket and 1 rims lock fyi. Thanks.

While the 19" tire will weigh less than an 18" IMO the 18" is better for everything except MX. I actually laced up an 18" rim for my YZ.

If you are concerned about weight then switch to an aluminum sprocket and check the tire manufacturers websites as they list the weights of the tires. A Maxxis Desert IT for instance is much heavier than most all other tires. And you will also be able to see the differences in weight between the 18" tires and 19" tires.

my 06 19" rear wheel(renthal sprocket) is 24.5 lbs on my house scale. I have three rear wheel sets two 18" and one 19". I choose to run 18" almost everywhere (desert and local GP and Desert races) I run the 19" at the MX tracks.

My stock rear with no disk, sprocket, rimlock, or tire is 8 pounds 8 ounces. A tire adds a lot of weight to a wheel, and some tires weigh more than others. 18 inch tires tend to weight more than 19 inch ones.

I weighed an 18 and a 19 once and there was not much of a difference, maybe 1/2 pound. A steel sprocket weighs about 1 pound heavier than aluminum.

Thanks guys I just bought a alloy talon sproket, feels light as !

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