black specs in coolant ??? anyone know

I had my tank off today and noticed black specs in my coolant over flow lines. Is this a concern does anyone know what it is ? I was thiking pieces of waterpump impeller. Any info would be appreciated.



keep an eye on it, could be combustion chamber stuff. I would flush the system, if it re-appears, you might be looking at a head gasket.

Did you catch any of it? If so, try to press it between two screwdrivers or something and see what it is made from. It may be carbon, or it may be rubber (from a seal or hose), or it may be gasket...

Find out what it is and you will be able to trace the source...


[ July 28, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Are you the original owner? I have heard and seen first hand of people putting Pepper in the radiator to plug pin hole leaks. I never thought it would work but when I asked a mech, he said try pepper. :)

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