Warranty Work

Who has gone through the process successfully? If so do you have any advice?

My 08 YZ450 is under the knife right now for a roasted motor. It is down on power and won't idle. It only has 22 hours on it and I'm very meticulous with maintenance.

Wish me luck!

My only advice would be to keep your cool... your YZ doesn't have a warranty... anything they do will be just to be nice, in an attempt to keep a good customer... it's called "goodwill" ... state your case clearly on why you believe they should do something.. remain professional and try to resist the urge to flip out... as soon as you make yourself into the kind of guy no one wants to help..... they won't... they have no legal obligation to do so

+1 to the above

Thought I'd close the book on this one.....

The motor injested sand via the crankcase breather, aka valve cover breather. Crank bearings, rod bearing, piston, cyc, cams, and trans. Everything was toast..... :usa:

I got a brand new crate motor from yamaha at no cost but it wasn't easy. I kept my cool and explained that the dealer neglected to tell me about the M2007-009 tech exchange which resulted in engine failure.

I unfortunetly had to resort to discussing the issue with a lawer and make it aware to Yamaha that I had sought council. The dealer was happy that I had spoke directly with Yamaha otherwise they were next on the chopping block to go to court.

I'm glad it is all over and I have my bike back..... :thumbsup:

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