Qestion On WR Models

I was wondering what the bottle is underneath the rear fender behind the left side panel. What is it used for? Thanks for the info :)

RTFM !!!!

if it looks like AF

smells like AF

well need i say more

It’s a reservoir tank to hold coolant.

When the radiator and the coolant gets hot, the coolant expands and it goes into the reservoir tank.

As the coolant cools, it contracts forming a vacuum in the cooling system which draws coolant from the reservoir tank into the cooling system keeping it full.

Thanks for the info.


Ive heard you can remove it to save weight. Whadayathink. Tim

You can remove it, YZF doesn't have one. If you do remove it, don't forget to pack a gallon of coolant so you can top off the radiator after every ride. If you ride tight, slow single track, you WILL lose coolant without the resevoir.

If it's anything like a car, you take off the overflow tank and you have to change the radiator cap to a "non recovery cap"

I've had mine removed for almost 1000 miles...no problems. All you have to do is replace the radiator cap with a KX500 cap (1.6 instead of 1.1). I've never lost any coolant due to heating. I lost a little when I went to 14,000 ft in Colorado, but who wouldn't???


butta is correct. resivoir is only needed if you are working the motor at slow speeds

I am an X XR650R owner and we always used a little water wetter in the coolant. Would this not be a good idea for the WR450 also. Tim

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