'04 WR450 Oil Leak

Thanks in advance for any info. Just purchased low hours '04 WR450 and has slow drip of oil falling from bottom-inner radiator. It shows a creep within the fins, but also shows on frame. Could it be blowing from pressure release exit? I'm not sure, but assume that is the hole directly where the oil may be blowing.

Also, the handlebars were replaced recently. Could the pressure relief be engaged?

Thanks for your time!

I think your plug might have come out of the manual Decompression hole which exists on your head but is plugged off due to having an auto decompression cam installed from the factory - you ARE talking about oil on the right side of the bike, correct?

Thanks Matt.

Yes...right-side just above the exhaust connection and adjacent to bottom-left of radiator. I went out with light and mirror and looks like the hole is threaded, but hard to tell.

Sorry, manual ordered, but no here, yet.

Thanks again, Matt.

I sent a message to the seller and asked if compatible. Man, I feel much better, now. Big thanks to you and the TT for saving me $$$!!!

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