WR450F -Got mine

Got my WR450F. Picked it up from Hattiesburg Cycle in Mississippi. They did a great job! They removed and checked the flywheel nut, woodruff key issue. <ul type="square"> Note says proper torque is 47 ft-lb.

They also removed stock baffle, and offered to rejet for free, but I didn't have time to wait. :) Drove back to BAMA and it was dark. I took it for a 5 mile night ride and it is an excellent bike. It runs good as anything I have ever ridden or ever hoped for. It has almost the power of my XR650L, is 60 lbs lighter and turns like a 2-stroke moto-crosser. :D I found myself turning too tight on corners as it was so easy to turn the bike in any situation... You blue-bloods were right. I am gonna love this bike. <ul type="square"> It was worth the wait! For sale, one 2002, XR650L


I'm glad everything worked out for you in the end... you were able to get a bike, and before March as well... :D as long as you have done the woodruff key and clutch services, you should have no trouble with it for a long time...

Never believe everything a dealer tells you... a lot of them are just like car salesmen, condo salesmen, double glazing salesmen... they will BS you what they think you want to hear, to try to prevent you from going to someone else to do the deal... Though it sounds like you found a decent one there...

Time to start buying aftermarket products now... :):D


That's great Bama. You need to change the jetting and it will run so much better. The main at 165, the pilot at 50, the fuel screw at the stock out 1 3/4. You want beleive the differance. Also try to raise the fronks up to 5MM. thats the ticket. Hope you can come to the race at Hattiesburg,{New Agusta} next weekend the February the 16 th would be a great place to ride your new bike. good luck

Rickey, I am planning to go if I can get 60 miles on it by Friday night. I don't think I should break it in under race conditions? What accomodations are available for Sat night? I met several of your friends in Hattiesburg. They had alot of good things to say about ya.. :)

On the jetting, did you change the needle? Or did you just raise it for fichness. Any voids in the powerband? I was thinking of setting the jetting at the YZF450 specs, 160 main, 48 pilot, different needle. Is the 165, 50 setup the trick? I will be rejetting in a couple of days.

Congratulations, it sounds like you got a great dealer.

I know you picked up a great bike!

Have fun, Kelly

Rickey, Did you stay with the stock tires? I think the front tends to wash out in heavy sand?

Ditch the stock tires! Save yourself some scabs. Try Dunlop 755 front and 756 rear. There are plenty of othe combo's but these seem to cover the widest range of conditions, and do it well. ---Mike

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