WR vs YZ weight difference

Hey guys. I have read that the 2k WR400f is roughly 20lbs heavier then the 2k YZ400f. Does anyone know where the extra weight comes from??? I am torn between a 2k YZ400f or WR400f. Mostly trail with some MX TRack riding. What do you think. Thanks in advance for the help.


The added weight comes from:

-headlight, shroud, and light switch

-taillight/larger rear fender

-18 inch wheel/tire


-lighting coil

-larger flywheel

-coolant reservoir w/extra coolant

-larger radiators, I think

-larger tank

-heavier muffler

-those wider ratio gears have to weigh something

-bigger carb jets (just kidding)

I occasionally mx my 99wr400 and have seen others do so successfully also, the wr loves to be ridden aggressively.

also the wr has flywheel weights and a shorter first gear for for less stalling and better woods capability

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I MX my 02 WR non-competitivly and love it. aside from the occasional bottoming of the suspension I feel it is a great compromise since I also love to trail ride, just because it has a headlight and is heavier don't think it is a sissy bike. In some instances mass/weight = stability (at higher speeds). I am faster on my WR than my CR500.

steel subframe vs. Al on the YZ

I doubt the gear sets are any heavier, any size difference on one gear is offset by it's companion gear.

More air in the rear tire.


WR extra weight comes from many places, here's a list-

*12 litre tank & extra fuel (on most models)

*headlight/tailight & extra wiring

*steel subframe


*flywheel weight


It all adds up guys!

FYI 2000 YZ is a 426


:D It doesn't HAVE to be a 426....I can still buy a brand new 400 tomorrow! :D:D:)

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I have 01 wr 426 that sounds like it would fit your needs and is for sale have had the suspension done, new springs and valving and it

works great on the trail or track let me know if you are interested ask $4600 obo

doesn't the 00 and up wr's have a aluminum sub frame ?????

Originally posted by hogryder94:

doesn't the 00 and up wr's have a aluminum sub frame ?????

No. The YZ had a steel subframe up to 99 I think.

They also have steel sprockets, where the YZ has an Al in back. Has that already been mentioned?

Had a 99 WR 400 and made it dual sport with Baja Designs kit. The concept was good and everything worked tha way you would expect it (except for the small battery that dies if you let it sit too long). But the jetting for street use (needs to be leaner) and hard core dirt riding (needs to be richer or you melt down the plug) is different. Got tired of playing with the jetting and changing plugs, so I YZ'ed the thing. All YZ plastics and seat;bye bye the resevoir,side stand,extra wiring and lights. The timing was adjusted to YZ specs and of course, the throttle stop was lopped off. The guys thought I bought a new YZ. For you enduro guys, this is a great bike to ride. The gearing, suspension and the ergos are great for that. For you serious moto heads, sell it and get a YZ. Unless you have extra money to play with suspension, gearing (I put 52 on the rear), somehow put more punch into it (flywheel, crank, carb, etc.). For some reason, it felt slower in handling in motocross than the 99 YZ. I found that if you like to flat track, this YZ'ed setup is great! Even the 426 had hard time beating it. Overall, I enjoyed the 99 WR 400 for all the different rides it gave me, but for serious moto... the 450F. That's what I'm talking about!

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