Enduro Jacket

I wonder what is your favorite enduro jacked? Is Gortex really so vented that it does not make you sweat. Do you guys use jacket or jersey on long 3-5 days races?

10x for any inputs!


ive just brought a new fox enduro jacket and it seems to work pretty good

I have an acerbis jacket that the sleves zip off of to turn it into a vest. As a vest, it woks great for when it's hot. When it gets cold or starts to rain, just zip the sleves on and go. It does need to be water-proofed though.

I've had my MSR gortex jacket for over 15 years, still holding strong!

Maybe scotchguard it a couple of times to help keep the water out!

I also have an MSR gortex jacket, and I'm very happy with it. I recently got to inspect and try on a KTM Touring Adventure Jacket, that was made of 500D Cordura. It had removable linings, lots of pockets, leather inserts, and shoulder and elbow pads built in. It came with a matching pair of pants. It was VERY nice, and I was tempted to buy it, until I saw the price tag. :)

I thought that the MSR ISDE gore tex was the more expensive jacket one could buy.

1_)Is that the one you have?

2_)How much more expensive was the KTM?

I'm planning to buy the MSR ISDE jacket and pants, is it really waterproof?


I use an MSR "Activent Blitz" - I like it because its fairly light and folds up into a fanny pack. That's a big deal to me - I often start a ride when its cold and end up too hot later on to have a jacket on. I also have used it for mountain biking in rainy conditions. It has held up. I don't think it has much gortex - it uses zip vents all over and they work well. I paid about $200 US for it.

I have a Thor Ride 2. Its Water proof with a fleece removable liner with zippers under the armpits and in the back to let heat out. Also can wear the fleece vest alone.

Its great. I got that and Thor Windchill gloves for $137.00


I have a MSR pro? gore-tex jacket. I've had it about 10 years, still looks/works great. Mine has zippered vents under the arms and across the back. It works good on cool, wet days. It's not warm enough for really cold days, and it's too hot on warm days if I am riding hard. It's great on the street, for those cool rides home after the ride. I have been looking at getting a new jacket like one made by Moose. The jacket can be folded into it's own fanny pack. I think this would be the best of both worlds.

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