So you think you are a true four stroke dirt bike rider...

I just got back from the one event in the states that every four stroke dirt bike rider should see at least once in their lives.

The National Championship Hillclimbs in Billings, MT. I can't really describe the sensation that runs through a guy when a 2500cc V-Twin harley is screaming up a 400ft hillclimb in 12 seconds.... It is incredible.

One good plug for us yamaha guys is that the guy with the number one plate from last year is riding a yamaha dirt bike with an FJ1300 street bike engine in it ... :)


PS And speaking of roost, I was standing at the bottom, and at times you got hit with roost from the unlimited class bikes 300+ ft up the hill :D

pictures man, where are the pictures... :):D


That is one event that I have no doubt in my mind I will attend before I die.

I have always wanted to go to one of those. Espically the Billings, MT hillclimb.

How do you get to be one of those guys with the hook at the top? Tough job, but great view! :)

my x girlfriend competes in the womens class and won it last year. that was with a ttr 250. But she got a yz250f this year but i did not hear how she did. But wow a good rider. I will let you all know.


To be a catcher all you have to do is sign a release and be willing to work for the fun of it ... (ie no pay) ... I believe I heard the announcer say that they had more people wanting to help than they had room ... go figure, I know I would love to do it... best seats in the house :)

I do not have the pictures developed yet. .. but here are some from their site (old ones)

Billings Moto Club site

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They had a national out at Baculite Mesa one year boy my scores were sure weird the first one was 15 feet yep forgot to turn on the gas. oldasdirt :):D:D

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