Acerbis Rally2

Does the Acerbis Rally2 Come with a Universal mounting kit, ie for regular and fat bars. or is that just universal for the regular size handlebars?

Cause from my pov its quite tricky of acerbis to use the word 'universal' for the Rally2's if they only support regular bars :) cause universal with regular and oversized bars on the market would mean that they could fit both, but im guessing its probably Universal for the standard bars? am i right?


/Sincerly dw

If you have fat bars, you will have to get the special mounting hardware to mount them properly. The ones that come with the Acerbis guards will only fit on regular bars.

Moose makes the fat bar clamp. Cost about 25.00

Okay Thanks for the answer :)

My universal they mean that it will fit the stock thinwall 7/8 steel bars and the thickerwall 7/8 aluminum bars.

It comes with 2 different inserts for the 2 different inner bar diameters.

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