*Newbie* Broken Part! Pics!

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I bought this 2003 yz450 used, and it had been road pretty hard and put up wet... This part here is broke and has been JB welded to keep a VERY small leak at bay. It has a Rekluse clutch so that was no longet needed... What is that part and where can i get one? Also what do i need to convert back to a CLutch? I dont know alot about dirtbikes so take it easy on me?

And i know it looks like a wreck but i got a bit of TLC to go into it...

This is not a good situation. What has happened here is that the bike threw off or broke its chain at some point, and the chain came forward and tore the front chain guide (aka case saver, item #10 below) off. The part that's damaged is the crankcase, available only in pairs for about $500.

The function of the guide is to keep the chain from lifting off the the front sprocket during times of maximum slack on deceleration. It's important, and should be restored.

It seems likely that the bike was converted to a Rekluse because the crankcase was so badly damaged that the manual clutch linkage was no longer functional. If you want to convert back, I'd say you need to fix the crankcase first. After that, it's a matter of removing the Rekluse kit and restoring the stock pressure plate, springs, push rods, etc.


There should not be a zip tie on the clutch arm either. With the older style Rekluse there should be a spring attached to the clutch arm with an adjusting nut so that you can adjust the 'hit' of the Rekluse.

Thanks Guys :lol: looks like ill be spending abit of money... Guess ill get to clean it up abit in the process.

yea that sucks. It's alot of work too. Might as well do a complete motor overhaul while you're at it.

Not sure if you got prices on it, but mrcycles.com has the 2 case halves for $429.

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