Buying a XR650 or CRF450

I have a dilema here. I currently ride a DR350S and its about time to get a new bike. I've pretty much determined it will be a CRF450 or a XR650 but I can't figure out what will make me happy. I like the option of putting on the baja kit and having the XR street legal and capable of some good road speeds. The problem is I'm not sure I want another heavy bike offroad. The other option is keeping my DR 350 and buying the CRF for offroad only. What do you all think? Is the 650 a capable jumper?

Do you ride MX? Harescrambles? This shouldn't be that tough of a decision as these bikes really don't compete with each other. The XR is the choice for open country, roads, dual sport, high speeds, comfort and probably long term durability. The CRF, as a motocross bike, is the better closed course racer, hare scrambles, and (arguably) single track. It's also a better motocrosser. If you're looking for a lightweight all around off-road bike, you might better wait for the upcoming 450X or the new WR450F.

Overall I like to open up my current bike on long, dirt roads while occasionally hitting the street. At the same time I like tearing into some jumps but my DR350 lands like a piece of lead! That's why I have a dilema, I want something capable of some good top end but after looking at the 450 and seeing it's size and weight, it's really starting to steer me away from the 650. I think I may wait until the 450x comes out as I'm curious to see what that's all about.



My buddy has a DR350 and he got to ride my XR650 and my friends CRF450. I remember him commenting that he liked the 650 better due to the engine. However he could never start to 650 but he could start the 450, he is short though. If you want to jump get the 450 if you want to do everthing other than jumping and technical trails get the 650.

It seems like you want a bike that will do everything. Both will, but not as good as they are intended. The old "performance with economy" saying.

Buy a KTM 520 exc- its expensive but still cheaper than two bikes. I love both motocross and riding rough, rocky singletrack. I ride a DRZ 400 and CR 250, and am hoping to trade the CR250 for a CRF very soon. No one bike does everything perfect, but the CRF and the XR are worlds apart.

xr for what you described would probably be better. i ride a 426 and trail ride with friends that have crf's and one 520sx. the cr and the ktm work really well of road and on the track, with my yz leaning more toward the track. xr is better at trails but heavier to handle. i had xr400 and rode everything rocks offroad thuds on track but can work pretty well with set up :)

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