Yamaha shutting down enthusiasts websites

Um...WAS a link to the discussion. It probably has something to do with "FZ1" being a Yamaha trademark of some sort. Ford Motor Company was going after websites/BB's that were using trademarked Ford names.

I'm kinda interested in this but the discussion doesn't tell what had happened. Just a bunch of guys being angry with it. Does anyone know the facts? If so please post.

I just checked and the www.vmax.com site is still operating as of now.

I hope they dont shut this one down. :)

I read the tread and it sounds like the web site got a cease and desist letter from some attorney representing Yamaha. There has been no law suit or court action so far.

Scary,but as far as i know thumper talk belongs too bryan and all folks who use this site to help each other out,so if the big boys want to come an push people like us around (you know the ones who buy the product they make,and in turn provide them with a future!)i would at a rough guess say there are enough folks around the world with a fair bit of passion for thumpertalk and what the site can do for us all,i can only hope that if push did come to shove the folks who have registered on thumpertalk would all put some money in the pot and fight hard to keep thumpertalk on the web,IE:you can now turn on your computer and be privileged too a life times worth of knowledge,but with out this help our passion would not be so easy,how many friends around the world has thumpertalk given us all!.To many too loose i hope.

I think some of the sites are doing more than just use the name of the vehicle. On another one of the Vmax sites, I have seen the entire Service Manual and Owners Manual in .pdf format.

This is illegal and I would assume any sites that are displaying Copyrighted material in this format will run into problems. No amount of money would keep the site open if things like this are going on.

Yeah i know what you mean,but as long as wee don`t start to post that amount of info i hope tt will be ok,i was just thinking that if some wise guy decided to try and shut down thumpertalk,i would have no hessitation in offering some cash to help bryan keep tt alive,i am real greatfull for the service bryan has given us all by starting thumpertalk and i would hate to see it end because someone some where got a bit put out by what we all have here,i can only speak for myself here,but i would like to think that tt will continue to help us and the up and coming riders of the future,so i think it is up to us to make sure thumpertalk stays on line,and if that means having to fight for it then so be.I think bryan has set up a big contribution to the world of dirt-bikes with thumpertalk and i would dearly love in 20yrs time to turn on a computer and find thumpertalk going strong,yes you are rite any infringement of copyright leaves us wide open to being shut down,i hate to think we would let that happen!

I apologize if I stirred some ca ca here but when I saw this posted to another board I thoutght about all the GOOD stuff I have gotten here and even though it was not the most informed posting I thought the TT helmsman should be aware of what is going on out there and what it will take to keep TT alive.

BTW, didn't this site start life as a wr 400 board?

I agree completely. This site is an incredible resource and Yamaha along with the other manufacturers should be promoting an informative, quality site like TT.

Not a chance. Even the corporate types know a good thing when they profit from it. This is beyond a doubt Yamaha's most productive R&D and test marketing tool. And it is FREE!!!

No way they don't monitor it. Look how many TT mods and ideas have been incorporated into the new 450's...

Since I KNOW "they" are reading this: I'll buy the first factory street-legal version of the WR450 to hit my dealer's floor next year! :)

Good on ya chaindrive,i`m kinda fond of my yamaha dirt bikes too,first one i ever had was a dt 175 enduro,i guess it had a big impact on me,that`s why i would hate to think yamaha would try and stop us enjoying the newer bikes,but like you know it only takes 1 bad report to destroy the reputation,thats why we are here too make sure they all come good right!

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