would my 06yz450 get the same miles pertank as the honda

I don't know all the technical reasons why bikes get the mileage they get but here is my personal experience with my 07 YZ 450:

If I am on the gas in the desert I can ride for just over two hours straight. If I am not on the gas I can go just under 3 hours. If I am at the dunes climbing hills I can go an hour and 45 minutes. I weight 235 w/out gear. My bike has stock gear ratios and a DR.D full exhaust. I am an average "B" rider on my average day. On a fast day I am a good "B" rider. My bike is well jetted.

If your buddy can go all day on a stock tank on a CRF450 I say his bike is running extremely lean, he is not on the gas (think old, old, scared lady), or he is not really riding the full day (ride, chat, ride a little, eat, hit a jump for the ladies, crash for the ladies, talk to buddies about crash, sleep under a rock to let the pain subside from said crash, talk to buddies about heading back to truck, ride back to truck, do some gravel pit wheelies for ladies, etc.)

If he rides hard and can go a full day on a stock tank there is a discrepancy with something.

The reason multi-cylinder engines are more efficient in any given displacement relates to the size of the individual cylinders. As combustion proceeds within an engine, unburned fuel is driven outward toward the edges of the combustion chamber, and some of it is effectively trapped in the corner where the head and cylinder meet, as well as the bottom corner at the piston and cylinder wall by the pressure wave of expanding gases. As the flame looses pressure, there will be a band of unburned fuel that exists in these two bands of air. It is simple math to understand that the volume of this band of unused fuel increases by 3.1416 times any increase in bore diameter.

The comparison with automotive engines is fundamentally weak, because 6's are replacing 8's not because reducing the number of cylinders is a path to efficiency, but because of the trend toward smaller engines in general. To compare the Taunus/Cologne 1.8 V6, which was last manufactured in 1971, to any modern OBDII or III EFI engine is more than a little spurious. Modern engine control systems can produce better fuel economy and lower emissions from heavier cars running 6L V8's than that. If your logic were to be accepted, why would Ford, or anyone else, not replace the current 4L V6 with a 4 cylinder of the same size? Or even a 3? Simple; such an engine would not be as efficient, nor run as cleanly as one of the same displacement with more, smaller cylinders.

But you're right about one thing. The best way to address the original question with any certainty is to pack some extra fuel and run the tank dry. Then you'll know how far you can go on a tank. But I said that already.

I can get 150 miles to my 3.5 gallons riding moderate, about 135 miles riding hard.

Dang! I think I'm gonna have to sell my YZ and get me a DR350!:lol: It sounds like

you flat out rip on that thing!

Dang! I think I'm gonna have to sell my YZ and get me a DR350!:lol: It sounds like you flat out rip on that thing!

LOL, not quite...

I wouldn't suggest you get a DR unless you're a masochist...:worthy:

I've had this thing for a while and have learned to coax it in to doing what I what it to. My friends are scared of it, not for the power, but for the lack thereof and the '70s cadillac like suspension (not in a good way). In fact, after a full rebuild this summer, I plan to race it some...

If you want a life changing experience, take this thing on some jumps. It truly is a "unique" feeling...

...I really like abusing myself:bonk:

PS: yeah, I do ride the crap out of the old girl, I ride a minimum of 125 mi/month dirt and about 1000miles on the street.

I've been able to squeeze 34mpg out of my 2008 yz450f (completely stock, including jetting) , but mind that it was neccesary to save as much gas as possible. I was riding at a leisurely pace and short shifting whenever possible.

I've only had my '06 YZ450f for 2 weeks and haven't gotten more than a couple hours worth of riding on it. I have a 34 mile poker run tomorrow and I have 3 liters of fuel in my backpack. I would like to think I will be riding somewhat soft as it's a family type event, but I sure don't want to push.

I bought a Clarke 3.2 but that thing was HUGE. I returned it and couldn't get the 2.6 in time for this weekend. I will likely get one soon, though.

Riding a variety of terrain from hill climbs to single track on my 2000 426 with 13 front, 51 rear, I get between 21 and 23 MPG. That's miles measured by GPS. Topped the tank at the start and topped it at the finish. I was amazed. Now I have an Acerbis 3.2.

I posted this somewhere else already, but I was riding fast sand trails, on my '00 426, some wide open 5th gear, the trails were marked for mileage, I went 44 miles, the bike stalled dead in a 4th gear pinned corner, my stock tank was bone dry, must say I was surprised, I was racing with a Kawasaki 250 2 stroke bored to 300 and a large tank, he had enough fuel to finish the next 8 miles back, I had to borrow gas from a quad who was carrying extra fuel. I have done some hare scrambles with the stock tank and always fill up 1/2 way thru (1 hr), there is no way that bike can go 2 hrs. My 510 SM Husky only gets 45 mpg on the street back and forth to work, riding mostly easy, I pushed it with some Ducati friends on a fast ride, I could only catch up in the turns many times topped out in 6th over 100 mph, I got less than 30 mpg. I have never gotten over 40 mpg on any dirt bike offroad, seems impossible to me.

well today my buddy had a tach on his bike and i got around 40 miles to a full tank? not good for me. im ordering a big tank tonight..

I got 40mpg out of my 06 450. Once. 72 miles on a tank to bone dry empty. Stock gearing, running 4500-5000rpm the whole time. No wheelies or any fun at all. For you so-cal desert rats it was about two miles west of the Cal city prison out to the Husky monument and back. Flat stuff that you can just keep it in high gear. Normal riding I'll go with the 22-23 mpg.

As far as the auto-x four cylinder stuff, my 2.0l got 12 mpg on the track(road race).

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