skide plates.. any new ones out there?

hey guys i need a really good skid plate that covers everything. i ride in the rocks so i need my clutch cover to be protected really good too..

i saw the gytr, flatland, utah and they all look really good in the pic, but im just wondering if they all cover as good as they look..

so witch one is the best.. bike is a 2006 yz 450

BTW i did a search too..

I have a Hyde and really like it. It is a composite plate and doesn't reflect a bunch of engine noise like the Al ones do. I have bashed it hard and it has not cracked. I'm really happy with it.

I bought the gyt enduro skid plate not knowing exactly how much coverage it would provide. It does not protect the rear frame rails and ignition as well as I thought it would. On the plus side it did not require any mods for fitment.

nobody else has another other reviews?

I use the MSR aluminum skid plate and it provides very good protection for both the ignition cover and water pump as well as the front of the engine.

I have ran a moose racing aluminum plate on my 426 for over a year now and it is great. I have really bashed it and there still arent any battle scars. The bottom of the plate sticks out about an inch past the frame for under and side protection, and has wings that stick out to protect water pump, flywheel, and clutch covers. $100


thanks guys. does anybody have any pics of there bikes with the flatland skid plate. i looked on there website and it doesent show you how much it comes out from on the side to protect the clutch cover..

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