UEGO sensor for jetting?

What do guys think of this idea?

Has anyone tried this? Please post results...

Depending on how its done, it could be helpful, but I think that properly reading your spark plug will give you a more accurate reading of the combustion process and I don't mean just looking at plug color since that can be misleading, especially with todays fuels.

The air/fuel requirements will be different between a bike being tested in your garage and when the engine is under a load while riding. If you're going to use an Oxygen sensor, then I'd suggest using a wideband oxygen sensor and properly locating it in the header section. I'd also recommend datalogging the output so that you can ride freely and review the results later. Another idea would be to impliment a throttle position sensor and have both the O2 and TPS sensors datalogged together to give you a better idea of the relationship between throttle position and mixture.

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