Heavy Duty Tubes vs Foam inserts???

Well, who has the call?... when running high speeds in a Baja race which is a better choice? Tubes or foam? I've always run Bridgestone HD tubes but I've been poking around to see what the other side of the game is like??

Any concerns or comments.??? :)

I like tubes and I here the foam is a pain to install. I guess the foam would work when you can't afford to get a flat but I don't know about high speed.

Unless you're on a 250 or smaller don't ever use foam in the rear with hi speed stuff. They will melt in the rear.

The tubes you're using are a good choice.

For the front I really like foam inserts. They have a feeling you need to get used to because they don't rebound off rocks like a tire with tube does. Thus, it's also very easy to destroy a front rim because you get used to riding without concern for front flats and you can really nail things.

If you're not racing then I can't really see needing inserts in the front. They're more expensive and more difficult to change.

I suggest you stick with what you've been doing - HD tubes.

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