how much voltage?


I just replaced my stock regulator with a baja design regulator/rectifier on my 00wr400. I connected the yellow lead from the stator to one of the yellow leads on the regulator, the other yellow lead from the new regulator i grounded to the frame. How much DC voltage should i see from the red and black leads on the regulator? Also, does there have to be a load on it to see voltage? I put a meter on it and only see between 6-8 volts dc. That is with no load. I wired it according to baja design's website. I haven't done any work to the stator itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



don't you have to "float the ground" with this mod? you are trying to make your bike all dc right? I'm about to do this to my 03wr250f and ordered the dc rectifier early today (but they somehow didn't get around to it so it'll ship tomorrow instead of today, dang it!)

here's how to float the ground:

not sure if this works on your bike though .....

more good links:

and the bd link:

You cannot have the output and the input share the same ground (i.e one of the yellow leads and the black lead). Also since the case of the regulator is tied to the output ground it cannot touch the frame either unless the stator is floated. There are two ways to address this. One is to mod the stator and float the AC ground. The other is to insulate the regulator from the frame and isolate all the DC grounds (lights, battery, etc). Either way will work fine.

Thanks for the info.

Right now i have the ground isolated. But the regulator isn't mounted yet, so it may have been touching the frame. I'll have to check that out.



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