do i have a problem(cam walls)


last week i changed my timing chain.(thanks to tt forums)

everything went preety smooth, flywheel was stuck so hard.

before i closed everything up i notice that the walls, where the cams seat chipped.

i attached few pics.

what you guys think ? i smooth it up after i got all the chips out. :-([/img]"]100_1615.jpg




timing chain was about 0.5 cm longer compare to the new 1.


The extension shown at the arrow is meaningless. It does nothing and touches nothing. Don't worry about it.

The important surface is the one on the under side of the cam caps. If these are galled significantly, it's not something that you should touch up by hand. You can dress out LIGHT scoring manually, but you should then check the cam clearance with plastigage as shown in the manual. If the problem is more serious, specialty shops like Engine Dynamics can repair it very reasonably.

its smooth as a baby buttocks. no scoring what so ever.

thanks man made my day. :lol::worthy:

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