wr 426 or yz 426??? Which one should I get?

I found a great deal on a new 02' WR426F ($5100) and also a new 02' YZ426F ($4800). Which one should I get?? I plan on mostly doing trail riding. I might want to try to make the bike street legal so I do not get a ticket on the way to the trails in my neighborhood. I can not see paying another $1500 for the 450. I am just getting back into riding. Hell, the 426's are probably more bike than I need. Any thoughts on this. I appreciate the help.


01' R*

How aggressively do you ride? If a softer seat, lights, kickstand, spark arrestor, bigger gas tank, etc. are important to you-get the WR. If you want a more aggressive powerband and a little less weight and don't mind giving up the goodies aforementioned, get the YZ.

As far as the kind of riding it sounds like you'll be doing, and the fact that you want to make it street legal-I'd go with the WR. It's a lot more work and $$ to make the YZ legal, and the WR is already set up for trails, etc. THere are a lot of mods you can do to the WR to make it perform like (at least closer) to a YZ if you really want to.

you will need a light i am assuming to make it street lgal. the wr has it already. Good luck. either will make a great choice.


It is much easier and less money to make a WR un like a YZ than to put lights on a YZ to make it like a WR. Besides you would not like the YZ tranny on the street.

My local Yamaha Dealer has a new 2002 WR426 on sale "out the door" for $5,050.00 US ($7,900 CAN). I have not been on a real dirt bike for 20 years. Is it a good price or a GREAT price? I'm a big old boy... will this bike carry 295 pounds. I don't see myself flying, but, would like to have some fun on it. What do you think?

A SOFTER SEAT, on the WR ?????

What the hell does the YZ have a bed of nails :)

Heheh everything else may be true but I think the Japanese put those seats on our bikes as some sorta revenge thing..... :D


I think you can do better! I bought my 01' for 7,100(cdn). I've seen 02's for around the same. You will probably have to put a heavier spring in and redo the front. I've got a buddy who weighs close to you and this bike works great! You can save money buying in Alberta, no sales tax!

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